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    Organisation for files. Source:Hidden Pixels

    Organisation for files. Source:Hidden Pixels

    3 Sources from a previous search for NET12:

    Bertalan Meskó :

    Top 10: Virtual Medical Sites in Second Life.


    Bertalan Meskó is a medical student in Hungary and writes articles about existence  Medicine 2.0 on the Internet. This article, in particular, gives an overview of 10 virtual Medical areas within Second Life. For someone who knew nothing of  virtual Health in Second Life it gave me a quick insight into how medical professionals and non-professionals are contributing to create opportunities to access Health institutions online.

    Jacqui Cheng

    Doctors try to silence negative reviews from patients


    Patients who have taken their grievances about their healthcare online may no longer have that ability from now on. Doctors are now using asking patients to sign legal agreements before any the commencement of any treatment in order to prevent patients possibly negative comments online.

    British Computer Society (BCS)

    Web 2.0 woven into health information’s future


    This article my the British Computer Society outlines the different forms of health care found online. It also discusses the future of health and the Internet outlining ongoing concerns such as security, health information authenticity and how will future technologies contribute to health on the Internet.

    Virtual Storage:

    Usually when I come across really useful or helpful information on the web I will save it using the ‘Delicious‘ bookmarking facility.

    I will add many tags so that I remember how I saved it. If it has to do with a NET11 related topic I will tag it with the prefix ‘NET11…’ and add the detail afterward. I am a bit of a bookmarking addict but I will say that it has reduced the amount of disk space I use locally. Previously my bookmarks would be saved locally on my computer and I have maxed out a few computers now with too much information. So now, Delicious has allowed me to saved my favourite or useful sites/pages/PDF’s virtually.

    Local Storage:

    If I am to store information like copies of PDF’s found online I will save them to a flash drive on my local computer. I no longer store items to the hard drive (hence, my reluctance to load new programs to the computer) rather everything is saved to Flash drives now. I will also add a prefix to the file name or I will place them in a specific folder so that I do not have to remember too much when I need to retrieve. In addition, I will try to give it meaningful names so that if I do a ‘search’ on my local computer I will have greater chance of retrieval :)

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